The Mayan Apocalypse

Haven’t been able to update as much as I’d like, for the usual reasons (work) and one kind of unusual (launching a new entrepreneurial venture that could end up being a hell of a lot of fun). Although my blogging time is limited, this here assault on the senses was partial inspiration for the aforementioned side project, and I’m a big believer in remembering your roots, so on we go.

Those who know me in real life know that the day job is a somewhat bastardized offshoot of public relations. 15 years ago, I got a PR internship, and the combined forces of that firm’s desperation, my overwhelming nerdliness and a rudimentary financial acumen led to a career. It’s no secret that I still sometimes pine for the far more glamorous world of PR…the trade shows, free shit, launch events, product samples, salesmanship and access to free shit to send social influencers always seemed much cooler (albeit less fulfilling) than the corner of the industry in which I dabble. I still have my moments, but never would have thought that this little hobby of mine could satisfy the free shit cravings. I always thought I wanted to be the gatekeeper, running roughshod over the world, dangling my product samples in front of the asshats like delicious carrots always just out of reach. Little did I know, I could be one of those asshats (influencers) and have those cool people whose jobs I envied wanting to send me free shit.

Well, apparently some people in the vaping world have terribly low standards…so low in fact that they’re willing to send me stuff to write about.

This particular PR mistake started about a week ago, when a company called Maya e-cigarettes started following me on the twitter. I twatted my appreciation and checked their profile to see that they had been tweeting other e-cig bloggers asking about the possibility of reviews. With full command of my subtlety, I inquired about the possibility of reviewing their stuff. A couple of emails later and they were offering me my choice of samples.

I went with the ifill kit, because I prefer filling my own clearomizers to the prefilled carts in the other kit. I wasn’t sure if they’d actually send anything, but much to my surprise, they did. Wifey, unfortunately, thought it was vendor samples for the other thing, unwrapped and disposed of the packaging before I got home, but she said it was very nicely boxed.

So, what is it?


The ifill kit is described thusly…

Taking out all the fanciness that their marketing folks undoubtedly spent a great deal of time creating, it’s an “eGo-style” manual battery, a USB charger and a replaceable-head clearomizer with a replacement head.

Let’s break it down piece by piece, shall we?

As mentioned, it’s an eGo-style. It could be a real eGo, but I have no idea. It’s tiny, 450 mah I’m guessing, but feels solid. I’ve had other eGo-style batteries that are pretty flimsy, but this is definitely at the sturdier end of the spectrum, most likely the real deal. It’s a manual, with the 808 / ego threading (as opposed to 510 / eGo like some others).

It runs at the “standard” non-variable 3.7 volts, which is a nice change of pace after so many months of higher-voltage vaping. It also lasts a surprisingly long time, considering its diminutive stature.

I’ve used the battery with the included clearomizer, but of course have tried others as well, and everything works brilliantly on it. Overall, I’d say the battery is full of win.


This is a ce-something style clearomizer…simple plastic, with a replaceable head and black plastic tip. To fill, you unscrew the tip, put liquid in and puff away. It has replaceable atomizer heads, which is a big plus for longevity, and has held up very well thus far. Even better, I haven’t experienced a single leaking issue with it. As with the culinary arts, taking something simple and doing it well can be more of a challenge than something complex that has a mediocre outcome. I’ve tried a bunch of clearomizers that look just like this one, but this is the best of all of them (by far) in terms of performance and the other characteristics that really matter.


Much like the clearomizer, this is a standard-looking small USB charger. It works the same way others do, but like the clearo, while this may be easy to do, it’s hard to do well. I’ve had six or seven that look just like this one. Some are good, some not so good. I’m glad to say, this is neither…it’s excellent. It doesn’t feel flimsy (like some), it charges steadily (unlike some). Quite simply, it works and it works well.


The kit costs $29.95 for those of you not cool enough to get one for free like I did, which is about mid-range for what you get. Are there cheaper ones? Absolutely. Of course, on the low end, you usually get what you pay for…a battery that can best be described as “meh,” a clearomizer that’s likely to crack, leak or just decide to stop working properly for one reason or another, and a charger that you have to treat oh so delicately, for if you screw it on too tight, it’ll break.

There are also more expensive options, and while I’ve never tried them to know if they’re better, my guess is that the extra money will get you some more bells and whistles, but if you want something basic that does its job well, Maya is a good option…if you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of vaping with a simple but solid setup, or want to convert a smoker or two, you could do a hell of a lot worse than this.


The only thing missing from the if I’ll kit is some smoke juice. Thankfully, the Maya PR folks were kind enough to send me some to try out. I got Vanilla, tobacco (2 bottles) and blueberry (their best seller).

Tobacco: Both tasted the same… quite good. It’s a nice, simple, no frills tobacco flavor. One of the better “basic” tobaccos I’ve tried, although I’m admittedly partial to the fancier kinds like RY4 and whatnot. If you’re just getting off of the cigs and looking for something that’s not too different, this is a great choice.

Blueberry: I fully understand why this is the best seller…it’s damn good. I’m still not a big fan of the fruity flavors, but this is solid. It’s somewhere between real blueberries and blueberry candy. It’s definitely not artificial tasting, but also not overpowering. I was surprised by how much I liked this, both on its own and mixed. It worked well with the tobacco flavor, but even better as berries and cream with…

Vanilla: I love vanilla everything. Ice cream, cake, cookies, frosting, cream soda, blah blah blah. In a year and a half, I have yet to find a vanilla e-liquid that I really liked. There have been a few here and there that are decent, and some that have been bloody awful, but I have yet to experience a truly awesome vanilla vape. The biggest issue has been the artificial / chemically taste. This one somehow manages to get around that…it tastes totally natural, subtle, sweet but not too sweet…the whole nine yards. This is outstanding on its own, but mixes wonderfully with tobacco and the blueberry. This was the standout of the bunch.


Overall, the folks at Maya have a solid product. There isn’t a ton of variety, which can be great for people just starting. Check them out at



Yet another Mountain… The Last one for a while

I have a couple of new things to review, including some clearance products from Revolver e-cigs, one of the larger companies out there and my experience as a beta tester for an up and coming New Jersey shop called Quantum Vapors. I’ve been struggling with both of them for a while now, for completely opposite reasons… Revolver was good, but not terribly exciting, while Quantum is voluminous. Brevity can be a challenge when talking about a “customization platform” and more than a dozen different flavors of fake smoke juice. In the interest of getting something posted before everyone forgot about my little corner of the Internets, I thought about doing a follow up on my Vapor Zeus and auto Dial-a-Volt, but the A-DaV died unceremoniously, while one of my two Zeuses (Zeese?) also meet an untimely end. Of the three pieces of awesomeness bestowed upon me, only one survives…such a shame.

While looking through my juice box, I realized there was one batch I had yet to pontificate on. The timing is a little unfortunate, as it comes in the midst of my “mountaintop” series on the Vapor Zeus and my review of Mt. Baker Vapor, but it is what it is.

I had seen and heard some great things about Mountain Oak Vapors and their liquids, and when Vapor Joe posted a coupon code, it became a must try. They sell what I would consider “high-end” liquid. It’s a bit more expensive than others, but became fairly reasonable with the discount, and they offered a 3-bottle sampler pack where you can choose the flavors. Unsure of how I’d feel about the Mountain Oak, I elected to go for the smaller of the two sampler options, 3 15ml bottles for $24.99. The larger option, which gives you a trifecta of 30ml bottles, is a better value at $39.99, but with an unknown commodity here (and a fairly large stash already), the small was a more prudent purchase. This is a little pricey, since most places have 30ml bottles for around $10, but this is supposedly premium Tennessee liquid. Of course, I also had a coupon, 25% off in this instance, making my 3-pack a far more palatable $18.75. Based on the above mentioned $10 for 30ml formula, $19 for 45ml is still a little high, but there’s a difference between price and value. Was Mountain Oak a value???

Their “menu” is decent, but not huge, and it covers most of the common categories with a selection of tobaccos, menthols, beverages, fruits and sweets. I deviated somewhat from my comfort zone, but didn’t go nuts.

What did you get, is what few if any of you are wondering. I’m glad you asked (or didn’t…either way). This particular splurge included an RY4 (had to do it), Blue Dot and Heavenly Seven. I’ve tried all three, pretty extensively, and the results are still a little surprising.

With that out of the way, let’s do the one-by-ones, shall we?


This was the closest to a sure thing in the bunch, and I figured even if the other two were swill, I was buying a very expensive bottle of my favorite. Thankfully, I didn’t needed to rationalize, but more on that later. Having now tried the Ruyan 4 offerings from Smokeless Image, Alt Smoke, Neon Vapors, Mountain Oak and Vapor 4Life (both varieties), I’d like to think I’ve acquired an understanding of the goal here. They’re all pretty distinct, but most have at least some degree of similarity and it seems the goal is tobacco with a hint of caramel and vanilla. The dominant flavor should be tobacco; it should have a bite, but the caramel and vanilla should soften the bite a little without overwhelming it. Assuming I’m correct in this, Mountain Oak nails it. I’m not saying it’s my favorite of the 6, but it’s what I now think RY4 is supposed to taste like, and to be honest, I’m not as big a fan as I thought I was. It’s really good, and may prompt me to do a side-by-side (by side…) one of these days.

It has a reasonably strong tobacco flavor, but the caramel and vanilla are clearly there with it, in their apparently proper supporting roles. You notice them, but it’s the tobacco base that takes center stage with cara and ‘nilla enhancing it. It’s a slightly sweet tobacco rather than a sweet I’ve cream sundae type thing with a hint of tobacco. I liked it, a lot. It was the first of the three I finished, but (here’s the shocking reveal) my least favorite of the bunch. It’s a great all-day vape, to use the parlance, and I had no trouble doing two or three files in a row of it, which is who it emptied so fast.

Blue Drop:

And now, we venture into the fruity segment of our adventure. I’m still not a huge fan of fruits, but my aversion to them has eased somewhat after sampling the door grapes from Mt. Baker. Mountain Oak has some interesting varieties, and I decided to give one a shot. This is a blueberry lemonade, apparently the “companion” flavor to Red Drop, a raspberry limeade. I was torn, and research didn’t really help as the reviews of both are overwhelmingly positive. For no reason in particular, I went with the blue. I can’t say I’m glad I did, bit only because I don’t know how the red is. This one, though, is outstanding. It’s more of a lemon-blueberry candy rather than the essences of the fruits themselves, but lemonade is basically a 50-30-20 mix of water, lemon juice and sugar, so in that respect I’d say they got what they were after. It’s neither too tart nor too sweet. The blueberry, lemon and “Ade” flavors balance one another pretty well in that you can taste all three, but they blend nicely in that none towers over the rest. This is one of the “tastes like xxx” flavors that’s spot on. This might sound a little strange, but it’s almost refreshing in a way. The vape-related dry mouth still happens, but it’s not as intense as it is with other liquids, but it feels like you just took a sip of something tasty and want more. It’s sweet without being cloying, tart but not puckeringly sour…it’s very good, and gives me another reason to feel good about giving fruit (or fruit-based candy and sweet beverage) flavors a shot. We’re 2-for-2…is there a hat trick, or will we ding one off the post in the last second?

Heavenly 7

And that brings us to our final entry. RY4 was pretty much guaranteed to be good and Blue Drop seemed like a worthwhile gamble given my new-found affinity for fruity candy. Given the likelihood of the first two being solid, I figured I could take a flyer on number 3. There were some interesting options, like coffee and cream, caramel movaccino (coffee, chocolate, caramel and vanilla), cinnamon swirl and double barrel aged vanilla root beer. All compelling to say the least, but I haven’t had much luck with cinnamon and was pretty well stocked in the coffee department, so I put the root beer in the cart. Letting my compulsion get the best of me, I read through everything one last time to ensure the appropriate level of second guessing. Of course, this final re-review led to a difficult decision once I saw Heavenly 7. It was the only 5-star rated flavor in the “dark temptations” section, and the description sounded much more exotic than root beer. Here’s what they say:

Imagine a silk chocolate pie nestled in a thick graham cracker crust with light drizzles of caramel, and topped with little slivers of fresh coconut. Enjoy our version of a 7 Layer Bar. This taste is so complex and delicious, it’ll have you wondering how something that tastes so naughty could be so good! Our customers have said this is a Silk Chocolate Pie first and foremost, with a pleasant taste of coconut & caramel. On the exhale you will notice the delicious and scrumptious graham cracker leaving your taste buds completely satisfied.

I haven’t had a ton of luck with desserts, but I felt good about the first two and figured this was worth a shot. I have mixed feelings about coconut…I always think I shouldn’t like it, but then I have it and realize it’s good. The description portrays it as a subtle coconut flavor, so what the hell.

Of the three, Heavenly 7 was the last bottle I opened, and my hopes were high. I twisted the top, removed the dropper and was immediately overwhelmed by the scent of confectionery coconut. Good Lord, that’s powerful. I didn’t even need to do an upward waft for the requisite sniff test, it was that powerful. I detected neither chocolate nor silk nor graham cracker crust. There was nary a hint of caramel. As a Jew, Passover is one of my least favorite times of year. I can live without the pizza, pasta, rice and bread but I love my sweets. They make kosher for Passover desserts, but calling them an abomination would be the grossest of understatements. They’re not so much an assault on the senses as they are violent sodomy of the taste buds. The only ones I can occasionally stomach are the coconut macaroons, but only during my most desperate moments over those eight agonizing days. When I caught wind of Heavenly 7, I was immediately reminded of a newly-opened can of the Passover “cookies.” My enthusiasm had been severely compromised based on this aroma. I capped it and returned it to the box, figuring I’d try it one day but wasn’t in much of a hurry to do so.

Once day came a lot sooner than expected, thanks in large part to Pensomnia

Wake up Daddy, I'm cute!

Wake up Daddy, I’m cute!

After three walks, two coffees and a feeble attempt at dressing myself, I stumbled over to my juice box, grabbed one of the blue glass bottles, too tired to read the label and filled up a cartomizer before heading to the train. I took a puff…it wasn’t RY4 and it sure as hell wasn’t Blue Drop. I took another drag. In my stupor, I had grabbed the Heavenly 7.


Great Googly Moogly, BaBaBooey and a Giggity Giggity Goo. The levels of awesomeness this flavor achieves are borderline criminal. Coconut was the most prominent flavor, but it didn’t dominate the taste in the same way it did the smell. I don’t have a sophisticated palette by any means, but this was a revelation. I tasted the sweet coconut, some chocolate (milk, not dark) and a little bit of “crust.” It may or may not have been graham cracker, but whatever it was, it was delicious. The caramel was there too. Not overly strong, but just a hint to cut the sweetness a little. I think I even tasted a little bit of cream in there. I’m struggling to figure out what else to say about this one, other than I want more. It’s that good. Someday, I want to take a week off of work and figure out how to recreate this flavor in food form. As I’ve said before, taste is purely subjective, which is why I’ll never “rate” liquids. No letter grades or stars here, but I can rank them (based on my own personal experiences) without much difficulty. Heavenly 7 is the best dessert-flavored vape I’ve tried yet, by far, and easily in the top five (top three maybe) liquids I’ve tried in the year and change I’ve been doing this.

It’s a matter of when, not if, I order from Mountain Oak again. The only way there won’t be a 30ml of Heavenly 7 in said order is if they start selling larger bottles. It doesn’t really matter how big…I’ll take it.

If you don’t buy one of the samplers and don’t have a coupon code, their prices are a little steep at $9.99 for 15ml and $15.99 for 30ml, but this is some damn fine liquid.


12 Day Redux – Day 4

It was a tough, but gratifying day. I’m down 4 pounds after 4 days, but still craving sugar.

Wifey made a nice little omelette for breakfast, which was quite delicious. Lunch was supposed to be a can of Trader Joe’s crabmeat, but that was inhaled at 10 this morning.

I was still hungry, so I ordered lunch at around 1:00. It took an hour and 45 minutes to come and was quite cold, but worth the wait…a bunless ostrich burger with some hot sauce, a bison dog (again, no bread) and some turkey bacon.

Dinner ended up being takeout as well…a bunless bison burger and turkey burger, and a little turkey bacon. Infinitely better than lunch, and very filling. For “dessert,” I made a tray of spinach chips. I had seen some blog posts about them and they sounded decent, but I was a little skeptical. Thankfully, I was wrong…these are good, and really simple.

I took a bag of baby spinach and put it on a parchment-lined baking sheet (as close to a single layer as possible), sprayed with a little canola, sprinkled with a little salt and a lot of pepper and baked at 250 for around 30 minutes. They’re not crunchy like potato chips, but a little crisp and kind of brittle, in a good way. Taste-wise, they’re pretty awesome, and a pretty satisfying snack overall. I have batch #2 in the oven right now, using the spice rub I made the other night in place of the salt and pepper. They smell amazing…we’ll see how they taste.





12 More Days of Hell…#4

I’ve been a little out of sorts for the last 24 hours or so, hence the lack of a food post yesterday. My head has been pounding at migraine levels since late yesterday morning. I’ve been an obnoxious prick both at home and at work…Hopefully, it’s a sign of ketosis.

Anyway, there wasn’t much in the way of excitement yesterday. Breakfast was an egg puck, lunch was some chicken marinated in hot sauce and a handful of raw string beans, with a vanilla GNC shake as a special treat. For dinner, I had some deli turkey “sautéed” (i.e. heated up in a dry skillet so it got a little crispy…it was better than it had any right to be). 

Today, wifey made me some fake eggs for breakfast, and I brought a can of Trader Joe’s crabmeat for lunch (something about crab in a can just sounds wrong). I’ve already eaten the crab, in an effort to get rid of the headache, and while it wasn’t nearly as vile as anticipated, it was largely unfulfilling (1 can was 2 servings, 80 calories, 2 grams of fat, no carbs). 

It’s 10:30 and I’m still hungry…may have to order more provisions to get me through the day. 

3.5 days down, 8.5 to go. 

Mount Baker Vapor – Because I Used All of My Mountain-Related Jokes Talking about Zeus

Now that the legend of Zeus has been told, it’s time to move on with some new vape stuff. As I’ve said before, I love my fake cigarette stuff. It’s become more than just a lesser of two evils replacement for another vice; something that might be bad in place of something definitely horrible…it’s a hobby. Where I used to smoke because I had to (I need a cigarette; I have to leave my desk for a few minutes…let me go outside and smoke), I enjoy vaping. It feeds my addiction while letting me try new things, research and experiment. Where smoking was limited to Marlboro, Camel or Parliament and match vs. lighter, vaping is a game of mad scientist where I get to mix and match my batteries (used to…now it’s just Zeus), vessels and liquids to find the perfect combo. This is shockingly enjoyable given my predisposition for indecision…maybe vaping is supporting that element of self improvement too.

Of course, this can all get out of hand in a hurry and become quite expensive quite quickly. The fact that I’m a cheap bastard (and my wife hates my vaping hobby) means that I have to spend carefully. This required thriftiness means not only constantly looking for deals and discounts, but trying to find vendors that are less expensive from the outset. This desire to try new stuff while maintaining loyalty to my core group of vendors and being fiscally responsible means I can’t just throw money at every new site I find…research must be done (yaaaaaaaaaaaaay).

The latest, Mount Baker Vapor, I learned about from Vapor Joe’s (the best vape deals blog I’ve found). He said it was good, the comments were alarmingly positive, but that wasn’t enough, so I took to the ECF to make sure it would be money well spent. Much like Joe’s, the comments on ECF were glowing. the weren’t just “it’s inexpensive” or “good for the price,” they were singing Baker’s praises, talking about these liquids as glowingly as I discuss Vapor4Life’s everything.

I mention good for the price because these are indeed some inexpensive liquids. 15ml will run you $5, while 30 is just $2.50 more. A typical 30 milliliter bottle is between $12 and $15, so $7.50 is a hell of a deal. They have bigger, but i didn’t want to get too crazy too quickly, especially since not everything had a description.

Of course, inexpensive doesn’t always equate to good value. If it’s crap that’s going to sit in a drawer unused, what’s the point? So, is it good?? In a word, yes. That wouldn’t make for a very compelling read though, so on with the nonsense…

I meant to order four 30ml bottles, but accidentally ordered 4 and a 15. The package came very quickly (a good sign, I hope), with 5 bottles (yay samples). I got 30s of Ankara Tobacco, Buttercream, Caramel Candy and White Chocolate. The “accidental” 15 was brown sugar, and the sample was sour grape.

I’ll just go alphabetically here…

Ankara Tobacco– There’s no description on the MBV website, but the reviews (quite positive) described it as a sweet tobacco. Could this be a substitute for my beloved RY4?? Sadly, no. It’s good, but doesn’t taste strongly of tobacco or sweet. It’s a very unique taste that I can only describe as hippie-ish. This is not something I’m very proud of, but when I first started smoking my freshman year of college, I became very hooked, very fast. Once, during a spirited night of binge drinking with friends, I ran out of cigarettes. I was 17, so the campus store wasn’t an option, and my friends were all too drunk to hook a brother up. They all smoked too, but wouldn’t share. In a moment of unbridled, pathetic desperation, I tried to smoke an incense stick. Obviously, it couldn’t be smoked in the traditional sense, but I lit it, put it in my mouth for a few seconds, let it burn and inhaled. This is not something I recommend, and far from my finest moment, but it served its purpose. The best comparison I can think of to Ankara is that incense smoke. If you like the smell of incense, or have ever tried smoking patchouli, this is your utopia. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t for me.

Brown Sugar-Oh how I wish I had ordered 30 of this…it had glowing reviews, and was one I really looked forward to. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, given that I’ve had occasional issues with stuff that’s supposed to taste like other stuff not tasting like said stuff, but this was spot on. It had a very strong, but very pleasant smell, almost like chocolate chip cookies baking, just without the chocolate. As for the taste, I will again admit to something I’m not overly proud of…when I was a kid, my friend and I would snack on sugar cubes. In a fleeting moment of curiosity, I once took a few spoonfuls of brown sugar, but it wasn’t the same. The flavor I get here is what I think I was hoping for back then…It’s delicious.

Buttercream-I’ve become pretty adept at whipping up my own buttercream frosting, thanks to my dad, and whenever I feed my cupcake addiction, I always pay special attention to the frosting as it can make a mediocre cake awesome, but even the best cake can’t save a weak buttercream. With this one, the scent was more butter than cream, and while the taste can’t compare to my homemade vanilla, it’s very good in its own right. The butter was the dominant flavor, which wasn’t a bad thing and there was a good, but not overpowering sweetness along with a hint of vanilla. It’s very good, and if it was a little sweeter, it would be great. I’ve mixed it with a few other flavors, and the results have been insanely tasty.

Caramel Candy-Those of you who’ve been following my misappropriation of bandwidth may remember my fondness for Caramel Jutsu from Vape Dojo, which has been the standard on which I’ve judged other caramel liquids…not anymore. This is outstanding on another level. It’s like they took the brown sugar liquid and cooked it – a damn-near perfect caramel flavor. I’m on day 3 of this stupid diet, and fiending for candy. While this isn’t quite enough to satisfy my craving for carbs, it is definitely helping. It’s not a Milky Way type caramel though…it’s more complex, like the filling in a piece of Godiva candy. It may just be me trying to compensate for the lack of real sweets, but there are times when I can even taste a hint of salt in it.

White Chocolate-Another winner…proof that these folks excel at the sweet stuff. It reminded me a lot of the white chocolate from Vapor4Life. It was a nice, sweet, creamy flavor that might have had a hint of butter in it, just like a good piece of white chocolate.

Sour Grapes-This was my free sample. My hopes were low, not because of anything specific against Mount Baker, but because I don’t really like fruity flavors at all. In fact, I hadn’t tried any since my initial bad experiences with the pre-filled carts from Smokeless Image and liquids from ECBlends. The low expectations may have helped, but this was outstanding. It smelled like candy, and although it wasn’t too sour, the flavor was great. It reminded me of a cross between a grape Blow Pop and a Jolly Rancher. It was a little tart, a little sweet and had an artificial grape flavor I loved. Objectively, it was very good, but considering what I expected (and its $0.00 cost), it may have been the best of the bunch…at a minimum, a big winner.

Overall, Mount Baker was 4.5 of 6. Brown Sugar, Caramel Candy, Sour Grapes and White Chocolate reeked of awesomeness; Buttercream is solid from time to time, while Ankara just didn’t do it for me.

Looking forward to my next order from MBV. Would like to try the East Coast Tobacco, but would gladly take suggestions from others who’ve tried their stuff.

12 Day Redux…day 2

2 down, 10 to go…so far, so good (for me at least)

3 decent meals, no major cravings and some tasty stuff on the horizon.

Breakfast was an egg puck, in honor of the start of the NHL playoffs. It’s egg beaters with a little salt and pepper, a sprinkle of low fat cheddar cheese thrown in a muffin tin and baked at 350 for 20 minutes or so…sort of an omelette, but not really.

Lunch was left over blackened tuna over baby spinach. The spinach sucked a little, but the tuna was great (albeit a little stinky)

For dinner, I kinda outdid myself…it wasn’t a pile of food, but it was delicious


Blackened chicken (same spice rub as the tuna, but tastier) and wilted spinach. Simple enough…just took the chicken cutlet, cut it into chunks, tossed in rub and cooked with a little Pam.

I’d like a cookie right now, but instead, I’m sipping on some iced green tea. It’s all good…

12 Days of Hell…Redux

After six months of enjoying married life, it recently dawned on me that I’ve let myself go a bit.

Well, maybe a little more than a bit… Through the age old combination of laziness and eating delicious food, I’ve managed to pack on a whopping, depressing 20 pounds since nervously mumbling “I do” back in October. While I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t touched a cigarette since that wonderful day (thanks again to the fine folks at Vapor4Life), that was only half of my healthy for the wedding quest.

For some reason, despite the fact that I’m married, I’d still like to be healthy, so it’s time for another 12 days of hell to get back on track.

Here’s day 1:

Breakfast – a bottled GNC meal replacement shake (chocolate flavor…yummy)

Lunch – a pack of Trader Joe’s roast turkey breast (3.5 servings…very filling, but very limited caloric, fat or carb hit)

Dinner – nomnomnom


Blackened albacore tuna and a buttload of broccoli. It was simple enough…broccoli steams in the bag, and the tuna was quick. Did up a little spice rub with salt, pepper (black, white and cayenne), hot and sweet paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cinnamon and some instant coffee. Tossed the fish in a scoop of rub, put a quick spritz of canola oil in a pan and cooked it up. I prefer ahi to white tuna, was pleasantly surprised by this one…it was damn good. I ate about 10 almonds for dessert during the finale of The Following and I’m going to bed reasonably content.

My biggest struggle comes with the morning commute. The Smith & 9th station opened on Friday, which means my walk to the subway now takes me right past one of the best bagel shops this Jew has ever experienced. I’ll have to resist temptation for 11 more days before I can partake, but on the bright side, we have some good stuff on the menu.

Stay tuned, and go Rangers, Nets, Knicks and (of course) Yankees!