Enough teasing…here they are

So, hopefully that little ball-related teaser whet your appetites (both of them). With that out of the way, and a little time while I wait to hear back from my client, I give you the step-by-step…

As I said, these are incredibly simple to make.

Step 1: Make a cake

You can use a mix or go from scratch…either way will work.

I wanted easy clean-up, hence the foil. Appearance doesn’t matter here…

Nothing special here…just follow the directions on the box or in the recipe and make sure it’s fully done. You don’t want to burn it, but given what follows, overcooked is most definitely better than under.

Take it out of the pan right away. As I said, aesthetics don’t matter.

Let it cool completely…You will be tempted to move on to the next step, but waiting is imperative.

Once it’s cool, destroy. You’re going for crumbs here. I find it easier to cut into strips, then crumble, but the method is irrelevant.

It should look like this

Once you’ve got a bowl full of crumbs, you prep the frosting. If you’re going the lazy route, it’s one box of cake and one tub of frosting. Since I couldn’t find pre-made frosting without trans fat, I decided to make my own. It was a simple buttercream…butter, powdered sugar and vanilla with a pinch of salt.

I could have stopped there…but NO

I wanted to go mocha, so I threw some espresso into the vanilla base

It ended up a little thin from the espresso, but didn’t come out that bad. If I did this again, I’d probably use ground coffee rather than brewed.

If using homemade frosting, put it back in the refrigerator for a bit…half an hour or so should be enough. You don’t want it too hard. At that point, you just have to combine your two parts. This is more about consistency than measurement…too much frosting and they won’t hold their shape; not enough and they’re dry. Add frosting to the cake crumbs a scoop or so at a time, stir and keep adding until it looks right.

Canned frosting will make it a little less shiny

After this, refrigerate for another 30-60 minutes, then take them out, make sure your hands are clean and roll…


At this point, they could be done. They’re pretty tasty as-is. I’d suggest putting them back in the fridge for another hour before eating if you want to stop.


If you need just a little more sugar, this is when they’d be coated. Like with every other step, there are a ton of options, but I think the best are chocolate or confectioner’s icing. When doing chocolate, I went with chips…you can melt them in the microwave or use a double boiler. I chose the stove, but it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s melted through and smooth. The icing is simple – powdered sugar, a little milk and vanilla stirred up until it looks like a glaze. If you’re doing the melted chocolate, you’d be wise to put the balls into the freezer before dipping. If you use the icing, just make sure they’re cold. Dip in whatever, put them on a piece of parchment or something, decorate as you see fit (crumbs, sprinkles, sugar, cocoa powder, whatever). Put them back in the refrigerator to set, then devour as you see fit.

I’m making these sound much harder than they are, just to fill space. They are good though.

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    Check out my friend Lee’s blog on how to make cake pops! With his step-by-step instructions you don’t need a babycakes maker and he tried mocha buttercream instead of chocolate…yum!

  1. August 14th, 2012

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